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Agentia pentru Dezvoltare Regionala Nord-Est

The North-East Regional Development Agency (NERDA) is a non-profit organisation, non-governmental, public utility activity with 20 years experience in regional development in Romania.

NERDA works on programmes and strategies to increase the residence and impact of sustainable partnerships, economic growth, development of human resources and entrepreneurial attitude of their region.

Since 1999, NERDA has been responsible for the coordination of North East Regional Development Strategy and the implementation of more than 500 projects financed through the Social and Economic Cohesion Program PHARE, Regional Operational Program (ROP) 2007-2013 and 2014-2020, Economic Growth and Competitivity Regional Operational Sector Program (POSCCE).


A Craft 4.0 document

CRAFT 4.0's first intellectual output is an inspiring publication called THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL CRAFT ENTREPRENEUR.

Current trends in the craft sector show how important it is for craftspeople to embrace opportunities brought by the digital revolution.

screenshot of the Craft 4.0 Zoom call


Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, Craft 4.0 partners held on May 7 2020 their third "international meeting" remotely via Zoom, instead of in Barcelona as scheduled.


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