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CRAFT 4.0's first intellectual output is an inspiring publication called THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL CRAFT ENTREPRENEUR.

A Craft 4.0 document

Current trends in the craft sector show how important it is for craftspeople to embrace opportunities brought by the digital revolution. Craft 4.0 aims to create training tools and a peer network for craftspeople in the areas of digital modelling and digital/additive manufacturing. Furthermore, the project aims to improve digital competences in the craft sector and in doing so enhance the craftmaking process. 

The publication “MULTIDIMENSIONAL CRAFT ENTREPRENEUR” presents a collection of case studies sourced from all participating partners at local, national and European level which serves as examples to craft professionals of how digital modelling, 3D printing and other digital tools can improve their business model. It provides insights from adapters into paths of learning and their experiences in adapting digital technologies into their practice. Furthermore, it builds Craft 4.0 evidential context to ensure transferability and clarity within the proposed training tools in digital modelling and digital/additive manufacturing.

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