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Craft 4.0 Kicks off!

Craft 4.0 Kicks off

Dublin was the venue for the kickoff meeting of the Craft 4.0 project, hosted by TU Dublin on the 30th April 2019. All the partners had representatives in attendance, including:

  • TU Dublin (Ireland)
  • CENFIM (Spain)
  • DLearn (Italy)
  • BIC Innobridge (Bulgaria)
  • Malardalen University (Sweden) 
  • CIVIC (UK)

This represents a broad coverage of European countries and of expertise, ensuring an effective partnership towards achieving the project goals and successful and fruitful collaboration. As such, at this meeting, the consortium reviewed the aims and goals of the project, including each intellectual output, dissemination and quality requirements and finance and budget issues.

The Craft 4.0 Project aims to create training tools and a peer network for craftspeople in the areas of Digital Modelling and Digital/Additive Manufacturing.